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Smart Campus Innovation Lab

Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) is an internal innovation ecosystem a living lab – and an open development community in Tampere University Community. Students from various fields from Tampere universities,  as university professionals collaboratively carry out development projects. Students can participate in SCIL projects and get credits, practical experience, multi-cultural environment and use SCIL space for their project work.

Who can participate?

All students from Tampere university community can join the project teams. Teachers, researchers, as well as other staff and faculty members, are also warmly welcome to join the projects.

Why should I participate?

To earn credits, to learn and to gain valuable practical experience in authentic cases. To be part of a community of innovative developers. To establish new networks. Make an impact while advancing in your studies!

Who coordinates the projects?

Coordination of the student projects is currently organized by Floworks Living lab of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, in cooperation with other SCIL-network members and professionals from Tampere universities.

Where is this actually taking place?

Floworks premises at TAMK’s main campus (Kuntokatu 3) are designed to host multiple project teams.  However, working locations can be agreed on project basis. All Tampere campuses provide a diverse offering of suitable spaces for the projects to take place.

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Jussi Hannunen

 SCIL Project Coach


Eija Syrjämäki

SCIL Project Coach


Emma Partanen

SCIL Project Coach


Jussi Myllärniemi

SCIL Project Manager


Timo Poranen

SCIL Coordinator


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