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[by Juuso Kuisma, Samuli Leikkola and Toni Seppäläinen]

So, as some of you might know, Kykylaakso is the virtual learning environment that TAMK’s Business Degree freshmen use to learn about managing a business. The online city has a large number of virtual companies that provide different types of services ranging from banking to telecommunication, and the users are on a mission to get their businesses up and running and – ideally – flourishing in the environment. Sounds exciting, right?

Well, as it happens, some users have been facing difficulties getting acquainted with the ways of the City and returning there has proven to be less than jovial after they have been away for a while. The instructions were found to be impractical for both the students and the teachers and in need of sprucing up. And thus we, the Kykylaakso project team, had our work cut out for us.

Team Kykylaakso

As is to be expected, the first few days in the project consisted of mostly getting to know our colleagues and of other practicalities, such as rearranging the working areas to our liking. During this first week of the project we got to meet the client and start forming an image of what the final product could look like.  Some planning was next on our agenda, and so we planned out our weekly goals and created a backlog of the to-be-implemented features. And for us to be able to start the practical implementation, we erected the scaffoldings of the web page, or plainly said, set up the development environment.

Diving head first into this project felt quite overwhelming at first, but as we got some footing, things settled down and we got ourselves immersed into the project.  Working with the amazing people here at Floworks has been a blast and the environment feels welcoming and cosy.

This first blog post will remain short and sweet, but stay tuned for more updates on how we kicked off our project and how it keeps on progressing throughout the coming weeks!