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[by Ryoko Sasaki, Daria SImkina, Lyydia Kilkki and Abubakar Tariq]


Hello! We are the people who have been – and for the coming weeks, will be – informing you, the readers of this blog, about what’s going on at SCIL. We will also be updating the contents of the website, shooting videos, making animations and lots of other fun stuff!

So, far, the work has been progressing well. There is a lot to do all the time – but, on the other hand, we are really glad to be in this very project 🙂 We have met with both our clients and have a fairly clear idea of what we are to do, Many tasks will be ongoing, but there are also so-called major tasks, like making a SCIL introductory clip using GoAnimate. We have drafted the narration and the first visual version, for which we have received positive feedback from the client.

The major challenge, as for some other teams, too, is managing the capricious WordPress, but we are very diligently working at getting to know it better and making it co-operate!

So, this is our team. More updates on the projects coming very soon!