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Yesterday was another special day for the SCIL Summer 2017 teams, as that day they had their very last Weekly Meeting. As Eija reminded us all, next Thursday is the Presentation Day – or, as it is officially called, the Final Seminar. Then, the teams will present the results of their projects and tell what they’ve learned this summer to a large number of guests, also from outside the universities. The program has already been decided, along with the order of presentations, and can be found on the Ongoing Projects page of our website.

However, all this excitement is still a week away. During this remaining days, the teams are to wrap up what tasks are still left – and to prepare their presentations.

One of the tasks required from every participant is filling in the feedback form. This, however, is done privately online. During the meeting, the feedback was collected… for Microsoft Teams, the software SCIL used this summer for the first time.

The students wrote their short reviews in much the same way as feedback is usually given to oneself as a team – in the forms of likes and wishes. The ideas were then discussed.

Even though many of the projects had already ended and there weren’t that many people present at the meeting, the board soon filled with papers.

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This meeting, unlike many others, was attended by the Smart Energy team. For them, this week marked a major change, because they finally moved from somewhere at the Y-kampus to the Floworks premises. For Eija, too, that meant change: the team took over the coaches’ office, forcing her to work in the corridor! The new location, however, made it easier for the Marketing and Communications team to take a representative of Smart Ebergy to the studio and shoot a video. Actually, two videos: one testimonial, and one about their project. The videos are now being edited, so stay tuned!


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By the way, this part of the week’s events has already been told on Instagram – another important change for SCIL, which was presented to the participants during the Meeting. You are very welcome to follow us there, and get updates on what’s going on in the form of pictures!

One of our photos was recently used to illustrate an article about SCIL’s participation in the international Dare to Learn conference in the beginning of September. This article, along with explaining what Dare to Learn is, briefly presents the main ideas behind SCIL – and gives additional information about the Seminar.

So, follow us on our social media accounts – and, once again, stay tuned for more news. They definitely is going to be more of them!