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So, yesterday was a hugely important day for all of the teams – the day of the final presentations, otherwise known as the SCIL Summer 2017 Final Seminar. On that day, at least one representative from each team talked about their project – and one of the team even presented two of them.

The weather outside may have been a bit chilly, but that was certainly not felt in the auditorium, where the teams and some guests gathered together to see, what has been achieved during this busy, but exciting summer. Despite the technical issuel – which, in fact, can be viewed as part of the summer’s learning experience – everyone’s presentation succeeded, and the timetable was observed. The idea of the projects being a learning experience was actually very much present that day – the teams, in addition to their achievements, were not afraid to discuss also their mistakes, so that others might learn from them.

The lighting, unfortunately, wasn’t kind to the photographers. However, here are some photos from that day of teamwork,  colourful presentations and amazing videos:

Team Marketing and Communications rehearsing

Team Smart Energy about to begin
Team Kykylaakso/KILKAS presenting two projects
Eija opening the Seminar
The tools that the Y-Makers team used in the project

The DSC-Event team talked about the two events they have been organizing – with the help of an unusually built presentation. Here is some of it:

The Seminar ended with the Visit Tampere3 Game team’s presentation. Cat, the only remaining representative, did a marvellous job not only making an informative presentation, but shooting and editing within one day a fantastic video:
This was the day the teams presented their projects – but by no means the end of SCIL Summer 2017. Stay tuned for more news next week – articles, pictures and maybe even videos!