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[Written and designed by Catherine Fait


The end is just the beginning …

The project is coming to a close for TrePeli, however it means its just the beginning for everyone else. As an open source project of SCIL, the ‘Visit Tampere3 Game’ is available to the community to work on. Development will also continue as a part of a project for computer science students at the University of Tampere.

The game is called Tomorrow, inspired by the future of the Tampere3 community.

Loading screen of Tomorrow

The vision of Tomorrow …

Summer fun at Floworks/SCIL

It has been a wild ride, with many ups and downs that no one on the team could have anticipated. Much has been learnt about game development, about design, and about teamwork.

After some blood, sweat, tears, and user testing, Team TrePeli is finally ready to pass the torch to the future developers. More info on how to get involved will be updated soon with our press release, after the final presentation of SCIL Summer 2017 on 24.8.2017.



 Syncing progress …

The summer is over and our chapter is over. Onward to Tomorrow!


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