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After numerous interviews with students and discussions with clients, autumn projects finally started with a kick-off meeting on October 31st. Students of Tampere3 universities from various degree programmes joined us at SCIL, and coaches introduced them to clients during the meeting.


                                       Mentor and clients discussion                                                         Students brainstorming

There are four projects running during November-January and all of them are a part of KILKAS project. Teams will research the topic of foreign UAS students’ employment in Finland, and work on solutions to help them join the Finnish job market.

From the first day of project work, students defined their learning objectives, discussed time management issues and set goals for desired outcome. Teams started to fill the wall, located in SCIL’s office, with stickers and notes to show and track the progress of work during three months.                                                                              


                                                                                                Colourful progress wall

Each team has a specific task and goals. Team “Production and Research” will give essential materials to other project teams through research – interviews, net-research, excursion (getting information from outside experts), etc.

Team “Navigators” set the mission to create a project that would help students increase their employment opportunities, for example, by helping them to create their networks.

Searching for a job, making a strong application and building an impressive resume can be challenging task in a foreign environment. Team “WebContent” is here to provide web service for Tampere3 students about employability in Finland.

Team “Digital Media” is creating digital content, like videos and photos, to make others see that it is possible to get a job as a student.

“You will hear the stories of others’ success and tips, and get enough confidence to go on your first job interview with your future boss”, – said team members.


                              Meeting with a coach                                                                                 Discussing ideas

Teams keep working intensively and enthusiastically, and we cannot wait to see the results of their work! To get to know about our teams, visit .