It is already one month since our KILKAS project teams started working, and the progress of their work is impressive. Even the holiday season is getting closer, students stay concentrated and productive.

In November, there were three general meetings, where teams presented their ideas, shared progress and discussed challenges.


During the first general meeting


“During the first month, we started to interview students, have done questions for them, and learned how cameras work. We also watch videos about lighting and editing in professional software. Our goal for the next month is to create interesting videos using our skills and imagination”, – says Polina, member of DigitalMedia team.

So far, WebContent team has started making wireframes and collected ideas about the contents that need to be in the website. They have already started writing the contents for the website. The next month’s biggest challenge is to complete the wireframes, develop the website itself, and get ready with all the context of web contents that will be uploaded on website.


Team WebContent presenting ideas for the website


Production Research team made a list of potential interviewees and e-mailed them to ask for their agreement to interview. A list of interview questions for different target groups was prepared as well. Team got some positive answers so far, and will be interviewing very soon to obtain useful information. Next month’s challenge is to create more tasks and ideas that can support other teams efficiently.


Production Research team during their presentation


“For the Navigators, we are on the track of developing the concept for our service. The idea was chosen, and we are working on how to implement it. For the next 2 weeks, the project plan should be finished, and we can start making connection with people who will be engaged in this service, as well as brushing up the parts of it, so that we can start running it when the new year comes, – shares Thao from Navigators.”


We Can Do It!


Hopefully, December will be a productive month for our teams, and we will see there progress and work results really soon during next general meetings. Stay tuned!