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[Written by Susma Kandel]

KILKAS- helps in promoting the employment opportunities of foreign UAS (University of Applied Sciences) students 2016-2018. A group of UAS have been contributing together since April 2016 in promotions and growth of competitiveness for the foreign students in Finland. On the other hand, the enterprises have gotten opportunities to evaluate international talents and skills. The main objective of this project was to build career development platform starting from internships to the final recruitment, it also helped to observe the challenges of employment of foreign students as well as their hidden potentialities in Finnish labour markets. Students were the main participants in this KILKAS project in TAMK and expected for the best result to find a way to analyse the actual needs of the students and placement accordingly.

However, the students from different countries and degrees are involved in the Kilkas Project. There were different teams assigned to their own roles in their specific field working for the best outcome of the KILKAS project. The name of our team is Production and research team, which plays an important role in KILKAS project. The main job of our team was to do research and provides our clients with supporting information based on their requirements. Our research includes interviews, net research, excursions etc. In general, we were supporting other KILKAS teams with essentials materials for their workshop. After working three months in this project our team had succeeded in interviewing the international students from different degree programmes doing real life jobs, internships in their responsible fields.

While executing our work we had to face different kind of challenges and difficulties that slowed down our work in the project. Arranging the interviews via emails was quite easy, but getting appointments for face to face interview was a bit challenging. However, we were succeeded in that part too. We also supported other teams with some useful links for hidden job opportunities. We made a research on continuing the residency after the graduation, checklist before applying for an internship and last but not least is about handling the difficulties in internships with some solution on how we can work being an open-minded.

In the beginning of this project, the roles and duties were unfolded. Later on, students were able to find what is their main roles and responsibilities in the project with guidance of the expert mentors, coaches, clients and group members itself. Our team’s members would like to give a special thanks to all people who co-operating as being the part of this projects and supporting us until the end of our work. The most important thing I learned from this project is how to be responsible for your work by meeting the deadlines so that it won’t affect the other members’ activities and other teams as well. I also learned how to plan a project, risk management, execution and ending processes.

Overall, I enjoyed the working atmosphere. I got a golden opportunity to learn so many different things. For example: how to focus on your future and what are you going to do with your majors? And in which field you would like to see you in future? It was very much informative in my cases. With the help of this project, I was also ended up on finding my desired internship.