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[Written by Santosh Subedi]

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts however, finding job is itself a challenging part of our life. Especially for foreign student it’s even more difficult and often have a hard time finding a job, because of the language barrier, cultural shock, new faces and so on.

During the Kilkas project, our team was Navigator which means to navigate the students. The initial goal of our project was navigating the foreign students to find the job and the pathway to involve with Finnish companies. We want to make an impact for every student. We want to organize an event, where students can come and get informed and motivated for the future. During the event the Finnish companies will present their business at different booths, the possibility to apply to jobs for students and speeches about individual career paths. This is going to be like a package so that students can consider in their day to day life. The targeted foreign students from different degree program will feel the real pleasure. Due to very short limited time we had, it was not possible to organize the event. But hopefully, during this spring, the event will be held.

To sum up, the overall project was interesting. It was great experience to work in multicultural groups. It was quite difficult at the beginning of the project but our mentors, coaches and clients provides good instruction with a lot of materials which makes easier to cope with all the problems.