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[Written by Anifat Oladipupo]


Last year when I began my journey at University Tampere, having work experience was part of my objective because only with work experience my career path could be broadened and more opportunity than being a researcher or consultant later in the future can be possible. I heard about the summer project in TAMK through a friend who happens to be a researcher in my school (UTA). It was a great honor to have been part of this summer project.

In an endeavor to kick off work experience for my future career, I decided to join Floworks Living Lab summer projects. The projects were extremely interesting and rewarding. Most especially the Circular economy, which was the first of three projects offered at SCIL workshop this summer.

First Project

I was beyond thrilled and stirred to tackle the projects with a positive mindset, and ready to learn not only from the projects but also from Tampere University of Applied Science culture. During the first project, I was assigned to work in a group on the Universities offering circular economy around the world and later work on company interviews as a Team. This has given me the opportunity to understand the importance of circular economy, the need to transit from a linear economy to circular economy, and the various effort being channelled toward the transition throughout the higher institution in the world.

The best part is the fun fact that the circular economy depends heavily on material analysis and technology, contrary to my prior believe which is business. Another interesting experience is the opportunity to visiting various Finnish companies, having face to face interview and asking some questions, both projected related and personal related questions. Through all this, I learnt what I ever could have learned through the book. And more, the experience gained helped in steering my career in a more specific direction. Overall, the experience during this project is formidable.

Other Projects

Besides the circular economy, which is the core project, there are other two mini projects. In these projects, we are developing a sustainable business model for location-based photogrammetry and designing a welcoming platform for Tampere3 international student. The experience gained during these projects are immense. Apart learning how to develop a sustainable business model from start to finish, I also learn how to create a market for a new product, how to identify my potential customers as well as how to diversify the risk that might come with the new market opportunity. In general, the projects are interesting and suited best in to my internship goal.


Wall climbing as an example of team trust building from the coaches has sensitized me that learning can occur at any point in time and place attentions just must be paid to every detail. I learned special leadership skill on how to resolve conflict within a team member without further complication as well as how to motivate team members to be more productive. Overall, the coaches are supportive, open and offered guidance and friendship.

Extra Activities

Another aspect of my internship was getting out of the workshop promises to play volleyball and some other outdoor activities. The fact that the internship is a mix of work with fun is everything and has given me a different perception to many countries’ cultures, most especially the Finnish culture. I also gained more exposure about forestry through execution to Hyytiälä, University of Helsinki forestry field station.

Conclusion and Recommendation

I would like to use this opportunity to sensitize the internship organizers to pay more attention to the number of interns needed for the available project. In general, the experience was  worthwhile and my personal learning goals for the summer internship were met.