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[Written by Ana Cespedes Sosa, Madelyn Panzner & Anifat Oladipupo]

Our experience shooting a trailer for the upcoming Master´s degree program for Circular Economy 

The task for our team of 3 students was to shoot a trailer for the upcoming Master´s degree program for Circular Economy. All of us haven´t had any experience with this kind of project before and it seemed like a challenging task. 

As business students, shooting and editing a video was a totally new experience for us. Another point was to get more familiarized with the concept of Circular Economy. This was very important to deliver the right message to the audience.  After that, we had to decide what to tell, and how to put it in a way to make people aware on how important Circular Economy is, without making it look like another business video. 

We had many different ideas and change of plans on the way to the final trailer; but, in the end, we are happy and satisfied with the outcome and had a lot of fun while filming and editing.  

What can we take into practice after this project? 

Madelyn: The editing and filming skills are good for a future job in marketing, presentations for university and for private matters such as filming a video as a gift or vlogging. Overcoming tasks that are unfamiliar and maybe seem overwhelming in the beginning is very useful for everyday life as well as business life. 

Ana: The editing and filming skills will be useful for future school presentations and, for example, gifts for friends and/ or relatives.  

Anifat: Everything I learned during the project. Steps in making a good trailer for marketing purpose, setting and filming with a professional camera, and editing