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Written by EOPO team: Menglin Chen, Yanzong Pan, Congchong Liu, Manjusha Kasu, Fouzia Khan, Olya Shilovskaia

Team members are experts from Tampere higher education community

Our team is EOPO (Each one pitch one). The project we are working on is UniTandem. This is a language learning application for all universities in Finland. Our goal is to develop this application including fixing bugs, create some ideas to improve the users’ experience, logo, advertisement of the application etc.

The project is quite interesting because for the person who do not have IT backgrounding, they can expand the width of their knowledge and learn some basic concepts in IT field. And also, the process of language learning is intriguing. So, the process of discovering the new solution to explore the better method for language learning are fascinating. Meanwhile, the whole project is an innovation challenge which give us a good opportunity to make ourselves much more creative. Furthermore, we learned how to collaborate with others and teamwork skills. This is the first time to attend such innovative project for all of us. It’s not easy but significant because we got plenty of the new things and become more confident when we face the difficulties.