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Video by: Thien Nguyen, Yuliya Podolskaya, Emiliano Alatorre, Emilia Brändh, Ammar Algayal, Alisa Lätti

Above mentioned are experts from Tampere higher education community


Hello from Sleepy Turtles art team!

In our project we are working on creating a visual art experience that can act as a catalyst to bring awareness about circular economy and encourage critical thinking of one’s own consumer behavior. In the video you will see our working progress with the final idea that we decided to implement.

The next 30 years are critical for our planet. Vanity plagues our consumer identity at the core, and in order to stop killing our future, we need to work towards redefining consumerism entirely and instead become responsible individuals.

Images touch us and move us to act for the future, which is why we have tried to find the visual catalysts behind making people change—and particularly asked ourselves what kind of visual processes can impact and change the future.

We hope you enjoy the video!

With much love

Sleepy Turtles