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Project KILKAS Infobank

The goal of the KILKAS Infobank project is to implement a prototype of a website that provides valuable information in an interesting and rewarding form. This website will be used by international students of universities of applied sciences for learning about integrating into Finnish culture and finding internships and jobs in Finnish companies. This prototype contains information for International Business students of TAMK and will serve as a proof of concept and a website template for other universities of applied sciences.  

This project is a part of the larger KILKAS project:

Project Details

Client: Janne Hopeela / the KILKAS project
Date: June-December 2017
Type: Learning project or unpaid internship
Skills: service design, UX, web design

The output of the project is going to be a website containing information and links to other relevant resources. The framework was already developed before the start of the project. The customer would prefer an easy content management system, so the team decided to develop the project with WordPress. The idea behind it is that the content is going to be updated after the end of the project by people possibly lacking technical skills, and the process should be easy for them.

The project will most likely be separated into three phases. The first prototype will be developed by the 10th of August 2017. The finished product is to be ready in December.