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Project Kykylaakso

Project Description

Kykylaakso (”Talent Valley”) is the learning environment of TAMK’s Degree Programme in Business Administration. The main goal of the project is to implement a new and more comperehensive version of the learning environment instructions for learners. The project continues the work done during the spring semester when the current instructions were evaluated and a new concept was defined. The summer project focuses on implementing the concept as videos, web resources and other documents.

Project Details

Client Degree Program in Business Administration
Date May-August 2017
Type Learning project or unpaid internship
Skills Service Design, UX, Web Design

Project Outline

The web resources for the project will be implemented using the WordPress content management system with maintainability in mind. The summer project will design and create the structures of the website and provide simple-to-use templates to enable easy additions of material to the service. The service will be designed to be user-friendly and act as an efficient source of information for students. Special attention will be paid to make sure the information architecture is clear and it is practical for students to provide links to each other, making the discovery and sharing of information effortless. 

The service will contain a comprehensive FAQ section providing solid information and solutions for commonly faced problems. The platform will provide easy-to-use content maintenance and extension possibilities, so that the service can be kept up to date with minimal effort. 

Short instructional videos will be produced for specific use cases, to provide multiple options for students to gain information. The service will contain instructions in text and image format, which will be supported by these short instructional videos on the same subjects. 

An additional goal of this project is to produce a high quality introduction video about the Kykylaakso environment for PR purposes.