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Tampere3 Data and Analytics Baseline Survey

– application period is closed

Tampere3 organizations have a wide-ranging data resources, collected and managed mostly for administrative purposes. Some of the data could potentially be valuable for individual learners and educators.

The aim of this project is to survey the present state of data and knowledge resources, concentrating on data most significant to learning. Additionally, the project will survey expectation that learners and educators have for data-centric services and products for learning.

A successful applicant is someone who is interested in doing research for organizational learning, knowledge management or business intelligence. Experience in project work and good communications skills will be beneficial. Also, willingness to learn is a must.

Skills required from the team:

  • Understanding of knowledge management and business intelligence
  • Understanding of data analytics
  • User centred design
  • research methods


Project working languages are Finnish and English. Some task will require researching significant amount of materials written in Finnish, however, many tasks can be performed in English, so the project is open to any student able to fluently communicate in English.

The application period is closed. More projects will be opened for application in the Spring!


Project Details

Client Tampere3
Date October-December 2017
Type Learning project or unpaid internship
Skills Research methods, project management, knowledge management, analytics

Project Outline

Identifying data resources and use cases in important early step in creating valueable data-driven services and products. The project team will perform:

  • information gathering activities to identify and characterize data resources
  • interviews of potential end users to identify promising use cases for new services

The project team will deliver a report on the data resources and use cases. Format of the report will be decided with the client as a part of project work.