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TilavarausApp – mobile application for room reservations at TAMK – application period closed.

Availbility of rooms and other facilities for learning activities is a major concern for any large education institution. At any given time there are hundreds of reservation in TAMK’s room reservation systems. The current system is not optimized for mobile use and many common task, like cancelling a revervation, aren’t as easy or quick to perform as they should.


TilavarausApp -project addresses this by implemention a custom mobile application that is designed to handle most common and straight-forward tasks: browsing reservations, checking your own reservations, making ad-hoc reservations and cancelling reservations. The application supplements the current, more feature-full desktop application, by proving fast and focused workflow that captures the most common use case and majority of usage volume.

Skills required from the team:

  • Software development
  • Native Android developement
  • user-centered design skills

Project Details

Client TAMK
Date September-December 2017
Type Learning project
Skills Mobile application development, UX

Project Outline

Project is done in collaboration TAMK’s Computer Engineering degree program. The project team in participating in Mobile Application Development Project course. The team will

  • design the application, including user experience
  • implement the application
  • test the application
  • document their work.

The aim of the project is production-ready mobile application and the necessaty supporing documentation.

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