Valitse sivu

Virtual Reality for Safety and Security

Virtual Reality is an new and exciting media for all kinds of content. The project explores use of VR for communicating workplace Safety and Security issues. Emphasis is on using authentic locations and trying out new tools and workflows.

The aim of this project is to use various technologies to establish a efficient workflow for producing models of TAMK premises, using those models in 3D modeling tools and creating VR content. Project will produce four proof-of-concept level applications/scenarios.

Skills required from the team:

  • Understanding key concepts of virtual reality
  • Developing 3D content in Unity
  • User centred design
  • teamwork and self-management


Project working languages is English.



Project Details

Client TAMK
Date October-December 2017
Type Learning project
Skills Application development, 3D modeling (Unity), project management

Project Outline


Each team will model a location at TAMK and use the model to produce an VR application. Theme of the application is safety and security. Teams will consider the particular safety aspects of their chosen location and how to incorporate those to their application. The teams will perform:

  • scanning of physical locations using Matterport technology
  • create 3D models usable in Unity from Matterport scans
  • use Unity to create VR content

The teams will deliver a report on their work. Aim is to gather information and experiences on way of using and producing VR content. Format of the report will be decided with the client as a part of project work.


Group 1

”Our team consists of 3 people – Miika Laurila, Mikael Pulakka and Jesse Peltoniemi. We were assigned to scan and model the OpenLab area of TAMK. We will also do an Unity implementation based on the scans that works with VR and traditional presentation styles. We’re focusing our implementation on the general security and safety principles of TAMK.”

Miika is a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student at TAMK. Mikael is a third year Machine Automation Engineer student. Jesse is a third year student at TAMK and studying Embedded Systems.

Group 2

”We are group Festival Hall and creating a virtual presentation of the safety features in our space. Our space is D1-04 Main Auditorium. Space is likely to be presented at a video, for example, at the beginning of an event. Our space is focused on featuring fire extinguishing equipment, alarm buttons and exits. Also we will point which exit is best for you in case of emergency and what is best route out of the building.

Our members are:

Markus Hyvärinen from Game desing and development. He is making the Unity part of the project. Rasma Krogere from Media and Arts. Her part is fixing 3D model imperfectoins. And Aleksi Yli-Mattilla from Machine Automation. His part is  Matterport Scanning, 3D-models quality control and CAD-modeling (if needed).”

Group 3

”We are Marta Selva Marlasca, Aleksi Jouttela and Pauliina Hovila, and we are studying Media and Arts, Business Information Systems and ICT Engineering respectively at TAMK. Our team is one of four teams working on leading TAMK to the brilliant land of virtual reality experiences.

We are working on the Service Street, one of the most frequently visited places at Kuntokatu campus. A lot of services and offices that most students need at some point are located on this hallway and it is also the main passage which running through the building from the main entrance to the library. We want to provide an interactive experience for students to learn more about the space through a virtual reality experience.

This project is going to be a great experience for us to learn more about VR, its possibilities andchallenges. Our part of the project will be developed during the fall semester of the academic year 2017-2018.”

Group 4

”Team #4 is a three-man team without enough free time in their schedules to come up with a good name for itself. These brave warriors named Jaakko, Pyry and Tatu have been ordered by a higher power to get a nice Matterport model out of Y-Kampus and turn it into a virtual inferno that you need to escape from in Unity. After spending the entirety of a very repetitive Friday evening in Y-Kampus, lighting a virtual version of the space on fire felt like the most appropriate thing to do.

When it comes to the scope of the user interaction, Team #4 aims for an experience that is light on the gameplay side but emphasizes the emotional aspect of needing to escape a room that is on fire. The end result at this project stage will be a ”walking simulator” with standard VR teleportation controls, with the only objective being to find your way out of the Y-kampus space. The floors will have lit, pulsating paths that guide the player to the correct exit routes.”