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All students from University of Tampere (UTA), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) can take part in SCIL projects. SCIL is an innovation platform where students get an opportunity to learn through practical experience in a collaborative manner on a multidisciplinary and multicultural group. Commitment to project participation is compulsory (minimum time requirement approx. 10 h/week).

Even though some of the pre-approved curriculum matches (see below) are IS or IT-fields related, SCIL´s purpose is to serve as a platform for students from any given field covered by Tampere3

Getting study credits

Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) has a project study module ‘Smart Campus Innovation Lab Projects’ (1-20cr.) 

This module is available at Tampere3 cross-studies portal. Currently, the credits of this module are awarded by TAMK Floworks (as Tampere3 cross-studies credits for the students of UTA and TUT). Other common means of getting credits from the SCIL projects are through an internship or as part of your own degree or study programme´s project studies.

For some degree or study programmes we also have already specific pre-approved a curriculum match. For others, please get in touch so that we can work with you and your degree programme to find a good fit. It is a little bit of extra paperwork for sure, but projects should fit pretty well into most curriculums.

Enrollment after applying to the projects

UTA and TUT students can enroll via HAKA. HAKA enables you to put in your University basic user account credentials. Once you log in using HAKA, you need to find the course Smart Campus Innovation Lab and enroll, check https://www10.uta.fi/ristiinopiskelupalvelu/?uiLang=en.

TAMK students can enroll to course Smart Campus Innovation Lab via PAKKI.

Above steps can also be done under the supervision of coaches at SCIL, after a student has applied for a project from ongoing projects.  

Please contact floworks@tamk.fi for more information.

If you are a curious student from TUT, UTA or TAMK, looking for new challenges, you are more than welcome to participate. Don’t postpone your chance to meet interesting people and create something really great. It is time for new discoveries!