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#Tampere3 Information Hub (Application Period is Open)

Project’s working language is both English and Finnish.

                                                                                                        photo by Márton Merész / InnoEvent Tampere

Credits: 2-5 ECTS | Date: Autumn, 2018 | CodeNN00DD91-3002 | Type: Learning Project/ Unpaid Internship | Language: Both in English and Finnish

Project Client: Tampere3, TTYY, Tamko, Tamy

Project Description

#Tampere3 Information Hub project aims to identify ways which can be used to develop a new kind of higher education culture.This is a student driven project where a team of students will create a conceptual plan to determine how communication would function between the Tampere3 community. This requires doing community communications in a new, interactive and participatory way.

A successful applicant is someone who is interested in designing services, understanding users, or doing communications in diverse organizations and communities. Willingness to work and to learn by doing is more important than prior experience.

Skills required from the team:

  • Communications & Social Media
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Design skills (UX or Services Design)
  • Project Management

Project working languages are Finnish and English. Main (internal) working language is English. Some tasks may require researching or producing significant amount of materials written in Finnish, so the team will need to include members with strong working Finnish language skills.

Practical Information

The project is also a TAMK course implementation Smart Campus Innovation Lab Projects (SCIL) NN00DD91-3002. It is available in Tampere3 cross-studies portal. Students will gain 2-5 credits for this project.

                             photo by Márton Merész / InnoEvent Tampere

Project Outline

Design a concept plan for new communications function, co-operated by students and staff, for #Tampere3 Information Hub. Project task will include:

  • research and identify methods and medias that best support students’ needs to know about Tampere3 matters
  • conceptualize a function or a service to operate in a participatory, student-centered way
  • design and write a concept and/or implementation plan to support starting the new operation

The project team will deliver a plan on the new operation. Format of the plan will be decided with the clients as a part of project work.

Application period is open!

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