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Project Physical Web

Physical Web means interacting with physical places and things. More specifically it’s a open bluetooth packet protocol called Eddystone-URL, provided by Google. Basically this means that places and things can broadcast URL-links through Bluetooth into their environment. These links can be then scanned with your smart device.

An example could be a movie poster, that broadcasts a link to the movie’s trailer. Or a parking meter, that broadcasts a link, that takes you to a web page to pay for your parking. Or a new gadget could have beacon, that broadcasts a link to its instructions.

My thesis is on Physical Web and more specifically on using it in an event. The goal is to produce a guide for event organizers planning to use Physical Web. The guide will cover technical aspects, but also how to inform event visitors about what is Physical Web and how it is used in the event

The use of Physical Web beacons was piloted at the Sustain2017 event, that was held 6th of October. Student teams from different study programmes showcased their subjects on sustainability. Each of the teams had their own stand in the event and six of them had a beacon on their stand. The student teams had their own page on the event site with more information about their subject. The beacons broadcasted links to those pages.

Part of this project was building the event site