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Developing Sustainable Campus – Digital Media

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. How this is realized in higher education institutions? What have been done already and what could be done to promote sustainability?

The aim of the Developing Sustainable Campus projects is to find out the present state of sustainable development in TAMK and map all the positive things already carried out. DSC – Digital Media is one of those projects, to be carried out in Summer 2017.

Project Details

Client Sustainable Development Group of TAMK
Date June-August 2017
Type Learning project or unpaid internship
Skills Sustainable development, communication, user-centered design

Project Outline

The Developing Sustainable Campus – Digital Media project is aimed at gathering information about the modes and extents of sustainable development carried out at TAMK so far, and using various digital media to portray the current progress.

The Digital Media and Urban Agriculture group is also charged with the task of helping the ‘KIVIREKI – Urban agriculture as a part of resource efficient business’ to meet its targets by finding ways to promote the project through the use of digital media. Tampere University of Applied Sciences is the GDTA project partner. The main areas of interest are creation, development and testing urban farming applications and enabling new business opportunities, innovations and know-how related to the principle of a closed nutrient cycle.