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Developing Sustainable Campus – Management

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. How this is realized in higher education institutions? What have been done already and what could be done to promote sustainability?

The aim of the Developing Sustainable Campus projects is to find out the present state of sustainable development in TAMK and map all the positive things already carried out.

Project Details

Client Sustainable Development Group of TAMK
Date June-August 2017
Type Learning project or unpaid internship
Skills Sustainable development, communication, user-centered design

Project Outline

During the last few years, TAMK has been focusing more and more on finding a way to increase its sustainability. This change assures a better awareness of the people studying and working in the campuses. This transition process to become more environmentally friendly aims to also lay the foundation for a more sustainable and well-structured university that will be leading others into a better and greener future.

TAMK needs to have the possibility to, as soon as possible, use different and more practical solutions that will help users to develop a clear idea of the changes that have happened in the past years and are still happening now, environmental wise, at TAMK campus.
To make all the processes follow a more sustainable common way of thinking and operate at TAMK, the project team has decided to utilize Eko-Kompassi as the Environmental Management System tool that could help consolidate and standardize the processes. The project team also want to gain more knowledge in what can be done to make TAMK more efficient and advanced environmentally speaking.