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KILKAS: Promoting the employment of foreign students

No matter what your individual definition of success may be, finding it can be a challenge. It can have something to do with your career success or something else, but most people have a certain level of accomplishment that they want to reach in their lives. However, many fail to reach that magical level of success and have no idea why. The good news is there are a few things that every person can do differently to change their current course of action and find the success that they deserve.

What would help foreign UAS students to get employed? How to find the keys to success?

Project’s aim is two-folded:

  1. Develop material that will help to promote the employment of foreign student.
  2. Study the existing practices that are aiming to help foreign students to be employed.

This project is a part of the larger KILKAS project:


Project Details

Client Janne Hopeela / KILKAS project
Date November-January 2017
Type Learning project or unpaid internship for students
Skills Service design, UX, content production, networking

Production and Research 

“We are the Production and Research team within KILKAS project. The members are Susma Kandel, Truc Nguyen, Petr Vasilev and Phuong Tran, international students from Nepal, Russia and Vietnam.

Our clients are three other teams here at SCIL. Team’s task is to do research and provide supporting information to clients according to their requirements.

Our research method includes interview, net-research, excursion (getting information from outside experts), etc. Researches will give essential materials to other KILKAS project teams.

We believe, that this project is a good opportunity to learn from others as well as make new friends. Team’s goal is to gain more working experience, improve working skills and expand our social networks. These goals are beneficial for our future careers.”



“We are team of four members: three of us are from Energy and Environmental Engineering students, and one is an exchange student from International Business programme.

Our team’s mission is to create a project that would help students increase their employment opportunities, for example, by helping them to create their networks.

Students will get a chance to experience the first steps of working environment, and also to gain more knowledge, hence the name “My Experience”.

The project will be under construction by the end of 2017 and will start running in January 2018.”

Digital Media


“Hello everyone! We are Digital Media group at KILKAS project.

We consist of four people from different countries, and our team has a goal, which connects all of us. This is helping international student to integrate in their working life easier.

Working with other teams, we are creating digital content like videos and photos to make others see that it is possible to get a job as a student.

You will hear the stories of others’ success and tips, and get enough confidence to go on your first job interview with your future boss.”





“Meet Rasmita, Ila, Sasha (Aleksandra), Pomppa (Tuomas) and Julia – the WebContent team! We are people with different culture backgrounds and a wide range of expertise.

Our goal is to provide web service for Tampere3 students about employability in Finland. As we all know, searching for a job, making a strong application and building an impressive resume can be a challenging task. We aim to provide information covering all these subjects and many more, which concern students in an application process.”

Project Details

– Web content team is a part of big picture promoting the employment of foreign student
– Will be working with already developed framework and prototype of previous project kilkas infobank
– It will be a finished product website that will guide foreign students to get employed in Finland
– The content in final product will include the success stories and tips from foreign students already residing and working in Finland.
– Web content team will be collaborating with other sub teams to collect the information.
– Final product will be user freindly