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SCIL Marketing and Communications

Project Description

Smart Campus Innovation Lab is a novel way to develop the Tampere3 University and a way for students to learn by doing. The team conceptualizes an on-brand message for SCIL.  They design templates and create digital marketing material that will be utilized for conference presentations and workshops. Helping in creating a brand and keeping the blog and other social media channels updated is also a part of their responsibility. Additionally, the team will help other SCIL Summer 2017 teams in their communications.

Project Details

Client SCIL Network / Ilkka Haukijärvi, Jussi Myllärniemi
Date June-August 2017
Skills Communications, Digital Marketing, UX

Project Outline

The team is responsible for creating various marketing materials, such as a short pitching video of SCIL made with GoAnimate, to be used as an opener at conferences. Another example is creating a promotional video for SCIL with  interviews of the Summer 2017 Projects participants.

Maintaining the media exposure of SCIL through blog posts, Twitter and Facebook is also a part of the team’s responsibility. Mainly through the blog, the team will inform the public about the progress of the projects. They will also, if necessary, update the information on SCIL website. The team will maintain communication among the project teams and with the general public as well as the stakeholders through different channels.

The team will also be responsible for creating a SCIL flier for promotional purposes within the Tampere3 community, designing new layouts and templates for SCIL and writing a marketing and communications plan and general guidelines for the network.