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SCIL Summer 2019:

Summer Potential Unlimited

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When? 3.6.- 5.7.2019 and 15.7.-16.8.2019 | Credits? 4-6 Cu / 5 weeks  |  Where? at Proakatemia, Finlaysoninkuja 21 A, 5th floor | How? Summer project or practical training with do-to-learn method | Language? Finnish or English | For who? For all students from TAU or TAMK | Our client? Tampere higher education community

Participate in one of the five week development sprints or do both of them

SCIL Summer 2019 will last total 10 weeks but is divided in two separate sprints. The first five-week sprint starts on June 3rd and the second on July 15th. You can participate in one of the five-week development projects or in both of them.

The project work will require 20-35 hour active participation each week.

The work will be challenging but with your and your team’s expertise and curious minds, the tasks will be solved with do-to-learn method. What does it mean? When we talk about do-to-learn we believe the best way to learn, is to take action, do things in practice. Theoretical frameworks and knowledge are important tools but at the same, it is important to experiment, right from the beginning. This way it is possible to develop and create something new in a fun and inspirational way. During the whole process, everyone is responsible for their own progress and learning with support from the team and the community.



At SCIL student is an expert. Your skills, expertise and energy is needed. Join us and make a difference in the development of Tampere higher education community and yourself!


You will get to work with the authentic development cases while gaining theoretical and practical experience. At the same time, you will not only learn about agile methods and user experience but also widen your professional network and get to innovate.


SCIL projects will focus on the development of our own university but the cases will surely be challenging. At SCIL you will have the possibility to work in interdisciplinary teams. Team learning together with our expert coaches will be an experience for the future. Your motivated and creative project team will get to produce demos or fully finished products or services.

Register before the start of the projects


Skills to be developed

  • Team-learning
  • Design and innovation
  • Project work and leadership
  • Agile methods and user experience
  • Self-efficacy

Skills needed

  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Motivation to work in teams
  • Motivation to work with development projects
  • Expertise from your own field

Project themes

  • Digitalization
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable development
  • Communication and marketing
  • Pedagogical development