Project Visit Tampere3 Game

Project Description

The Visit Tampere3 Game (working title) is a location-based augmented reality game that aims to motivate students of the Tampere3 community to explore the university campuses around Tampere. The game intends to bring students to campus locations through playful interaction, and invite them to interact with the environment, understand Tampere3’s culture and history, and connect with the people that makes up the Tampere3 community.

Project Details

Client University of Tampere / Faculty of Natural Sciences
Date June-August 2017
Type course details TBA
Skills UX & UI design, game design, software development

Project Outline

The goal of the project is to design a location-based augmented reality game that motivates students to visit different Tampere3 buldings – for example, Mediapolis, Pinni B or Tietotalo – and specific premises on the Tampere3 community campuses, such as lecture rooms and Alakuppila café.

The project team consists of people with various skills, for example, in user interface design and user experience, game design, software development, graphics and game design. Its members have a lot of freedom to innovate game content and features.

At the end of the designing phase, the team will produce a game design document. Afterwards, the team will implement a playable prototype of the game.